Monday, June 24, 2019

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Songs from the Flipside

by Richard Martini (click here to sample or download MP3s)

© Copyright - Richard Martini / Homina Publishing (194171374333)

Chicago Blues influenced by the Flipside. These are tunes inspired by my research into what people say about the afterlife. I've been filming people under deep hypnosis for over a decade, as well as "interviewing" folks no longer on here.

Genre: Spiritual: Spirituals

Release Date: 2019

I was interviewing musicians no longer on the planet via my documentary "Flipside" as well as the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife" with Jennifer Shaffer. One day, one of the people we were interviewing (who is not on the planet) said he "helped me with a song" I had been writing. He added, you should "write more songs" - when I asked "about what?" he said "About your work - about the flipside. About that fact that we still exist, and it's you people back on the planet that don't believe we do." Within the lyrics of these tunes are direct quotes from people no longer on the planet - no other way to put it. They offer advice on "how to speak with a loved one no longer here." (They lyrics of "Eleven Eleven" are directly from Luana Anders on the other side.) Many of the tunes, I laid down a track, and then just started to sing - so you're going to hear clams here and there - misspoken words (Willbury's as they're called as in "Will bury that mistake in the mix.") But these tunes come from my opening myself up to the possibility that we can get assistance for our loved ones no longer on the planet. I'm not pretending that "I channeled" any of these tunes - I'm sure many can - I'm just having fun with the concept. Enjoy.

Eleven Eleven (We Meet At the Decimals)

"Mother of Exiles"

"Rising Sun"

Amazing Grace Redux

The Touch of His Hand

Songs From the Flipside - CDBaby

Songs from the Flipside by Richard Martini  (click here to sample or download MP3s) ...